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ThermoMorph - Moldable Plastic

Hi Everyone and Happy Sunday! Today I have something different for you, no card to share today. I was asked a few weeks back by David from ThermoMorph to do a review. The product sounded pretty interesting so I agreed. ThermoMorph, what is that you ask? Well ThermoMorph are moldable plastic pellets made out of polymorph granules.  Here is what it says on the company website about it: Thermomorph is an amazing new moldable plastic compound that can be used in numerous different ways. Hack things, fix things, make things and sculpt things, with Thermomorph it’s all possible. It’s super easy to use, boil a kettle of water and pour some into a bowl, sprinkle the required amount into the water and wait until it turns clear. Once clear Thermomorph becomes pliable for around two minutes, mold into the desired shape using your hands or tools and then wait to cool to room temperature at which point it sets rock hard again. The price for it is MSRP $19.95 and