Totally Tiffany Product Review - Die Storage and Design Board

Totally Tiffany Product Review

Hello and Happy Monday to all my fellow crafters. Whimsy Stamps and Totally Tiffany teamed up and today I am here to review two products I received from Totally Tiffany in exchange for this review. Thank you for this opportunity!
Totally Tiffany is a company which sells all different kinds of storage and organization products for crafters, especially scrapbooking / card making. If you don't know them already here is a link to their website Totally Tiffany. Go and check them out you will be thrilled and surprised by the variety and usefulness of their products! These products make it easy to declutter your craft room and get organzied!

You will also have the chance to win some Totally Tiffany goodies :-) A little later in this review I will provide you with a link to a sweepstake. It's easy, just enter to win ;-)

....and if you are looking closely you might see some new Whimsy goodies.... just saying.

Ok but now onto the first product review:

Die-Namic Storage Set

This die storage set is called Die-Namic Die Storage and includes 5 pocket cards 5 storage sleeves for pocket cards and 1 carrying case with handle. It is made out of clear plastic which appears to be fairly sturdy. The size of the case is 13″ x 7″ x 1″. This is a neat size, big enough to hold quite some dies but not too large to carry it around. The case makes it easy to carry around your dies e.g. if you go to craft events or for get together at a friends house.

The pocket cards tucked into the sleeves. The recess on the brim of each sleeve makes it easy to lift out the pocket cards.

The pocket cards have each a tab on top which can be labeled to make it easier to find the contents. The clear plastic also makes it a breeze to see whats inside. They also have 5 layered / staggered pockets which are about 1 inch in height. Because they are staggered it makes it easier to find your dies or products.

Here you can see how they look with my Whimsy dies inserted in the pockets. They fit neatly :-) I also labeled the tab! aaahhh and yes these are NEW Whimsy dies :-D They will be released later this week...keep your eyes peeled! ;-)

Not only dies, also my stencils fit! Another Whimsy sneak peek.... You can put smaller dies, stencils or stamps in the lower pockets and smaller items in the top ones.

Or how about having your stamps and matching dies together in one pouch...or stamp set and matching stencil ;-) (more new whimsy stuffs ;-) )! That's organizing I love! You will have everything together which makes creating much faster and more fun!

Here's my Die-Namic Storage Set filled with dies, stencils and stamps. I love the usefulness of this die storage case and that it is so versatile. It also is light weight and makes carrying it around fun. From now on my dies, stencils and stamp sets are always organized.

I mentioned earlier that you are able to win some Totally Tiffany products. Just click the link below, fill out the form and you are entered to win! Good luck!
Sweepstakes link:  Enter to Win

 Clip & Create Rotating Design Board

The second product I am going to review is the Clip & Create Rotating Design Board.  Oh my I can tell you I am totally in love with this design board already! For me as a card maker and colorist this is such a huge help! Why is that you ask? I will show you in a minute....first let me give you some facts about the board itself....
The size of the board is 9″ x 11″ x 1.25″. There's a large clip included to hold your projectsIt is made out of wood and coated with a smooth, hard white plastic layer. The smooth plastic surface also makes cleaning it easy. But the best thing is you can rotate it! It moves freely a full 360 degrees. 

The two trays are connected through a ball-bearing, so they rotate smoothly.

The large clip is strong and moveable to hold your work in place. The underside of the part of the clip which holds your work in place is smooth so it wont damage your products.

For me of course this is ideal when I am coloring. I always rotate my image while coloring and this Rotating Design Board makes it very easy to do that! Just perfect!

But not only's awesome while using your stencils too. In this pictures I am using my stencil (yes the new butterfly stencil from Whimsy!) with some modelling paste. Rotating the board makes it easy to apply the paste and make sure I have it everywhere I want it to be.

Here I am decorating a card on the board. It's so much nicer when I can rotate my card a full 360 degrees while putting on all the embellishments. Or when making one of my mixed media tags.

But no matter what crafts you like to do I am sure this board comes in quite handy for you as well. It is sturdy, stable and has 4 small foam rubber feet to hold it in place while you are working and rotating it.

I might even try and use it as a lazy susan the next time I make cup cakes, or when making a flower arrangement ....the ideas are endless! 

I mentioned earlier that you are able to win some Totally Tiffany products. Just click the link below, fill out the form and you are entered to win! Good luck!
Sweepstakes link:  Enter to Win

I hope you liked my reviews. I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment if you have a moment, thank you! It's very much appreciated!

Don't forget.....the Whimsy January Rubber and Clear Release starts Wednesday! There will be some awesome new Rubber and Clear Stamps as well as Dies and something new ;-)

Luv 'n hugs


  1. These products look really handy! I need all the help I can get when it comes to organizing! The Die-Namic Storage Set looks like a great way to store some of my combo sets, and the Clip & Create Rotating Design Board looks like a very handy tool!

  2. Great reviews and
    her products are
    Carla from Utah

  3. I need all those things!

    hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ

  4. Love that rotating stand.
    Would be wonderful to have something
    that will move my project without me
    having to do it myself. If my hands
    are full or have paint on them - it
    will be good to move the project
    without having to touch it.
    thanks for the reviews.


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