September 14, 2009

Triangle Box Tutorial

Hello Everyone! Today I have a little tutorial prepared for you on how to make triangle boxes. I really like these little boxes because they are quick and easy to make, different in shape and so versatile. You can make them in all kinds of sizes and for various occasions. And even if you need larger quantities they are still quick to make.

Ok onto the tutorial now :-)

You'll need:

Cardstock or designer paper of your choice
Whole punch
Cutting and scoring tools
Glue or double sided tape
Eyelets and eyelet setter, if desired
Decorative items of your choice, if desired

Step 1

Cut the card stock or designer paper to 5 x 12 inches and score it in half at 6 inches.

Step 2

With a pencil mark the middle at 2.5 inches at both of the short sides.

Step 3

Now use your paper scorer and scor from the marked middle to one end of the
already scored line. Score a second line to the other end.

Step 4

Repeat with the other half. Now your paper should look like this with large triangles
in the middle of both sides.

Step 5

Now fold up all scored lines!

Step 6

Now fold up your box with one sides flaps over lapping the flaps of the other side.

Step 7

Take your whole punch and punch a whole (size depending on your eyelets, if you like to use eyelets) in the middle of one side. Punch through both layers (flaps) at once.
Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

Step 8

Now your piece should look like this with a whole in the middle of each flap.

Step 8

To give some more stability to the box glue one side together using glue or
double sided tape.

Step 9

Leave the other side open (not glued together).
Now set your eyelets, if desired. Remember to set the eyelet on one side
(the one which is not glued together) just in the outer flap!

Step 10

Thread the ribbon through the wholes to close the box.

Now your box is ready for being decorated!


You can easily vary the size of your box for your needs. For some changes
why not make a box with a little window so you can show the contents
(like nicely wrapped candies etc.)

In one of the triangles cut out (die cut) a shape of your choice and...

... cover the window from the back with acetate.

Ok and this is how I decorated my Triangle Box using the cute Lil' Miss Poppy stamp:

My box is part of a birthday gift set and I'm going to fill it with some yummy treats.
Isn't Lil' Miss Poppy just the sweetest congratulator?

I used Prima Flowers pimped with Stickles, Basic Grey brads and spacer beads as part of my decorations for the box

I hope you like my little tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by!


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