April 30, 2017

Celebrate - Whimsy's Bunny Balloon

Happy Sunday All! I've been trying a new coloring medium - pastel pencils. I have the Faber Castell PIT Pastell Pencils. So far I've used my pastel pencils only for small backgrounds or outlines. To be honest I don't know if I like the medium to color images for greeting cards. What I love abut them is that you can blend them very easily, they are a charm to work with. Downside...You have to be careful with all the chalk dust from the pastels while coloring so you wont smear them over your art work and also the colors will rub off so easily. Which is bad for greeting cards. It's ok for a painting which you keep behind glass, but not cards which get handled a lot. This means you have to apply a fixation in some form. I've tried a fixating spray but did not like how my image turned out. The colors looked completely different after applying the spray. I ended up throwing it away and had to start all over again. One good thing though, if you make a mistake you can easily correct it using a good quality eraser. I was able to erase mistakes with ease.

Well I gave it a try and finished but this will probably be my first and last card colored with pastels.....too bad because the pencils are a dream to color with. After I got the hang of it I really enjoyed the coloring part...despite of all the chalk dust. Oh well I might give it another try in a little while 😉

The image is called Bunny Balloon and is from Whimsy's recent release. You'll find it HERE. I cut the word celebrate from light blue foil cardstock which I also used as layering cardstock. I doodled around the image and added some matching light blue rhinestones to finish my card.

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  1. Oh I hope that there is a good fixative that means you can continue hun, I love how this turned out. At art class one lady used to use hair spray as a better smelling alternative to the art fixer sprays xx

  2. Oh WOW - love the pastel coloring, it gives such a nice soft feel. Your coloring is always amazing no matter what medium you use!


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