April 2, 2011

BnW Spring Release Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the weekend! After several days of storms and rain we are having fabulous weather again! After some necessary grocery shopping I'm looking forward to a relaxing afternoon by the pool, enjoying the sun.

I have some great news to share today. We are having a huge Spring Release coming very soon at Belles 'n Whistles 

You can look forward to several surprises and lots and lots of cuteness, I promise!!! Summer will be releasing 16 new stamps which make up two new collections! And to keep you in suspense I have a little teaser for you :-)

This is a little sneak from one of my cards I will show on release day. Can you guess what it is? I dont tell ya ;-) But I'll show some more sneaks here on my blog until release day! So come back and check frequently! 

And to give it a little kick...I'll pick one random winner from all comments left on all of my posts starting from today until April 5th. You can enter severtal times but no more than once daily!!! I'll giveaway a little sweet surprise package. I'll draw the winner anytime on April 5th! Have fun guessing!



  1. love bells and whistles and can harldy wait to see what goodness is coming.

  2. Oh my I´m sooo exited now. I just love your stamps, they´re just soo cute, and this sneal pek here looks really promissing he he he. I do have an idea about, what it´ll be, so let´s see, if I´m right? ha ha ha
    HAve a great day everyone.

  3. What a teasing sneak. Hard to guess what it is, but I'll give it a try. I think it's a boy holing a love letter.


  4. Definitely has to be Pen Pal from Elisabeth's Sweet Art Ebony collection from her blog! So excited to see some of the older Elisabeth Bell collection coming back to a new store!

  5. Hi Iris. Thank you for the sneak peek. Now, I know tht this cute PenPal from the Ebony Art collection is going to be released again. At last!!! I have been waiting for them for so long.
    Have a lovely week-end,
    Laetitia xxx

  6. I'l be looking forward to seeing what you have for us, Iris!

    ~Saundra :)

  7. Guess I'll just have to wait and see! Such a little tease! You could have made it a bit bigger! LOL.


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