July 27, 2010

Card Box Tutorial

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by my blog today. I was asked by a few people if I could show a  tutorial on how I make my little card boxes. It's my pleasure to do so but bare with me as I'm not very good explaining stuff and making tutorials...LOL! :-)
I make these little boxes especially for cards that have lots of layers or when I embellish with dimensional flowers. They wont fit in regular envelopes. These little boxes are very simple and easy to make and it doesn't take long nor needs it a lot of effort.

Ok gather your supplies, you'll need:

scoring board
bone folder
paper cutter
card stock
preferred adhesive/glue
DP and embellies to decorate box

This is the card I'll be making my card box for.  I made the card quite a while ago and due to the large flowers it doesn't fit in a regular envelope. My card measures 6.5" x 5.5". I need a box that is a little larger to fit my card easily as the bow and leaves are overlapping on one side a little.

So I go for 6 3/4" length and I also have to add 1" on each side which brings it to 8 3/4" length. For the width I go with 5 3/4 plus the 2", equals 7 3/4". So for my bottom box part (the one I'll put the card in) I have to cut my card stock 8 3/4" x 7 3/4". The top part has to be slightly bigger as it has to fit over the bottom part. The measurements for the top part are 9" x 8". I usually make my boxes about 1" high but if you want or need them higher just adjust them to the size you want. I almost always use white 110 lbs card stock for my boxes and decorate them with matching DP.

Score both sheets at 1" on each side....

.... and fold.

Now cut 2 little slits on opposite sides as shown in the picture. And it actually doesn't matter if you cut on the longer or shorter side. All the instructions are now for the top and bottom part of the box as they don't differ.

Bevel the corners (refer to the above picture) so they wont show after assembling the box.

On this picture you can see that the corners would most likely show slightly if I would not have trimmed them.
If  you like to decorate the box I suggest doing this before gluing it together because it's much easier. Also if you like to add e.g. a "handmade by" stamp on the bottom of the box do this before assembling!

Assemble the top and bottom part of the box using your preferred glue. I usually use a liquid glue from Scotch 3M called 'Quick Dry Adhesive'. I really like this glue as it doesn't wrinkle the paper (even if it is a liquid glue) has a good bond and it dries really really fast and clear.

And voilà, you're done with your card box! :-)

I kept my box quite simple just added matching DP, ribbon and a tag using my new 'Magnolia Doo Hickey Die'. The little circle sentiment is from Whimsy stamps.

This is how the card fits inside the box...perfect!

Thanks for visiting me here today and I would like to hear if you liked the tutorial and everything was perspicuously explained.

Have a great Tuesday and see ya tomorrow. I have a cute bookmark to show to you ;-)



  1. A wonderfull tutorial! And an wonderfull box!
    Hugs, Kristel

  2. Hi Iris! This is so cool. I can not wait to try it. Hugs....

  3. Beautiful card and box Iris. A great tutorial. TFS!

  4. This is so beautiful Iris,i love the image and the colours.
    So gorgeous papers.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  5. Iris, this card is stunning! Fab colouring. The box is beautiful. TFS the tutorial!


  6. Eine super Idee mit der Box. Sieht klasse aus. Die Karte ist auch wunder-wunderschön.
    Viele Grüße
    Susanne, der Bastelfalter

  7. A wonderful tutorial Iris and perfectly explained. Will have to try it out sometime. Thanks for sharing. Sharon

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  10. Thank you for this great tutorial! I needed it ;o)



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